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Hertfordshire County Council

Report a hate crime

You don't have to report directly to the police.

Not all victims of hate crime will want to report directly to the police.

You can report online at the True Vision website.

In Hertfordshire, we also have third party reporting centres where you can give details of what has happened to you. They will pass the details onto the police.

If you'd prefer not to give them your name, you can report anonymously.

Why should I report?

Some people might think that reporting a hate crime is not important. They might be embarrassed to talk about it, scared of the consequences from the offender, or believe they won’t be taken seriously.

However, authorities in Hertfordshire (and the UK) take hate crime very seriously. You will always be listened to and treated sensitively if you choose to report to the police.

Hate crimes can leave people feeling unsafe or scared to go out, and cause fear and mistrust amongst different parts of the community.

Courts can impose a tougher sentence on someone, if the crime they committed was motivated by hate.

Support for victims of hate crime

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